Thursday, 28 July 2016

Gaining confidence with horses

This is how I gained confidence with my horses and most horses.
When I started horse riding I would only ride so I didn't know much about the animal, I think that's the reason I had almost no confidence with horses or riding them. It's only when I got my first horse that I started to understand them and that really helped me. I'm not saying go out and get a horse, but if you ride at a place that just lets you ride and leave ask if you can help them get the horses ready or shower them. I think it's best if you to do that with the horse you usually ride because you would of already gotten to know their personality. So that helped me a lot but I was still a bit nervous when i was around or when I rode horses and the way I conquered that was by spending as much time as possible around horses, start riding different horses so you will get use to all types of bucks, trots, canters and jumps so you can almost get onto any horse and just have fun. Just block out the fear and do what you don't want to. (As long as it isn't dangerous)

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