Friday, 29 July 2016

Creating a bond with your horse.

This is how to create a bond with your horse or improve your relationship.
Creating a bond with your horse can either be really easy or really hard. Sometimes the bond naturally comes but sometime it takes time to create. 
If you don't naturally have a bond with your horse the most important thing you need to do is not give up because you probably already do have a bond with your horse it's just hard to find because your horse is stubborn so you think they don't care. You just need to keep trying and if you think when you ride them they don't respond it's because they probably don't trust you yet or you don't have confidence in them. The best way for them to trust them is to spend more time with them, sit in their field , learn what they like/dislike and doing a lot of ground work (try to get them to follow you ).
This is how I got Gala to trust me and how I created my bond with her. Remember all horses are different so for some it'll take longer but with Gala it took 2-3 months to get to the point we're at now and we're still improving . 

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